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Daisy and Ghost are expecting their litter on March 16th.  They will be ready to join their new families around May 11th.  You can reserve your pick from the litter here.


Daisy (Daughter of Our Lovable Labs' Thunder) is a beautiful English Labrador Retriever girl with an excellent stocky build and blocky head.  She's not only gorgeous, but is as sweet as can be.  She loves to play fetch or to have her belly rubbed.  She's smart and learns quickly, and is great with other dogs and children.  

Ghost, the son of our Bear and Bethany, is a handsome white (very light yellow) English Labrador Retriever boy.  He has a beautiful stocky build with a nice squared head.  His temperament is wonderful, too!  He loves everyone, people and dogs.  He is well-behaved and has trained easily.  Ghost is OFA good, elbows normal, and heart normal.


This litter will have the best of both worlds- looks and smarts!   These puppies will make excellent candidates for services dogs, therapy dogs or hunting companions.  If you plan to visit our home, please see our visitation policy. 


The adoption fee for the puppies in this litter is $2500

Daisy's Pedigree

Ghost's Pedigree

Daisy and Ghost's Puppies


First Pick- (Jen M.)

Second Pick- (Meredith S.)

Third Pick- (Marcy H.)

Fourth Pick- (Available)


First Pick- (Reggie T.)

Second Pick- (Kristie C.)

Third Pick- (Available)

Fourth Pick- (Available)

Pick Positions:

Meet Our Parents, Daisy    and Ghost:

Daisy's Past Puppies:

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