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If you do not live within driving distance, we offer both ground transportation and shipping via an airline for your Labrador Retriever puppy.

Which Airline?
We use several major airlines for shipping, but usually Delta or United.  The process is safe, simple, and cost effective.  The pup first obtains a health certificate from a vet.  On the day of travel, he/she is placed in a well-ventilated airline transport crate, and received by a special division of the airlines.  He/she is placed on board just minutes prior to departure, and will travel in a temperature controlled, pressurized area of the aircraft. (If he loses pressure, so do the passengers.) The pup will usually sleep for most of the flight.
(We do not use sedatives. They are unnecessary and can be very dangerous.)

Remember ~ your pup never really knows that he/she is on an airplane, and he/she does not have a fear of flying.  The best part is that he/she can be in your arms in just a few short hours.  In all the years of shipping puppies, we have only had positive experiences.  No one has ever been disappointed with the particular puppy that they received.

Picking up your puppy at the airport~
This part is the most fun!  Just simply show up at the cargo or baggage claim area, I will let you know in advance which for your particular airport.  (Don't worry - your pup won't come flying down the belt with all the suitcases.)  Show them your I.D. and they will give your pup to you.  Many families use this as the surprise introduction to their children or spouses.  Have a camera ready!  Other than water, there is nothing special you will need. It's a good idea to bring some bottled water with.  When you get to a grassy area, let him/her out for a bathroom break.  Don't bother with a collar or leash, I'll have one for you in his/her crate (or in the airline packet).
Once the bathroom break is over, you will find it more comfortable to travel with your new pup beside you on the seat. He will most likely go back to sleep by the warmth of your leg, this is a great first bonding experience.  It's also not a bad idea to bring some wet wipes and paper towels along, just in case......  You may want to bring some plastic bags to clean up after your pup, and so you have somewhere to put any soiled paper towels, etc.  (Grocery store bags work great for this!)

Then, when it's safe to do so, PLEASE give us a call so we know you have your new baby safely in your arms.  We tend to worry if we don't hear from you.  Plus, we can't wait to hear how happy you are with your new little one!!  (612) 232-6399.  

Shipping through the airlines is the best way to get your puppy shipped safe and sound.  The total cost of transporting your puppy is approximately $350.00 (Plus 3% Fee, unless paid in cash.) This includes the travel crate, the health certificate from our vet, and the airfare.  If your puppy is over 12 weeks of age, Rabies will need to be given before his/her flight, which is an additional $20. If your puppy is older/ larger, he/she will need a larger crate, so there will be an additional cost for that up-charge and for the airfare increase.


If you are adopting 2 puppies who can fly together, the airfare is usually only about $50.00 extra.  If they are each over 20 pounds, they will need their own crates, so there will be a $40.00 charge for another travel crate. 

Break down of what is included:

  • Health Certificate. This saves you money, as it counts for the first vet visit!  (In many cases, the first vet visit can run $100 to $150 dollars).

  • Airline transport crate. This can be used as a house breaking crate for the first couple of weeks to months.

  • Pet Airfare.

Disclaimer: While every puppy we have ever shipped has arrived perfectly, we cannot be held responsible once the puppy is dropped off at the airport.


Weather for Shipping:

If we use Delta: To be able to ship, the temperatures anywhere a puppy flies to, including lay-overs must be between 20 and 80 degrees.  If temps are too hot during the day, often times in early morning or late evening flight will work. 

Check the forecast for your local airport to see if the temps are in the shipping range.

Visit for your local forecast, up to ten days in advance.

United Airlines uses a different method than the other airlines, and are therefore able to ship to the cities that they serve, even during extreme hot or cold temps.

No shipping is available at this time


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