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Our Warranty

Your new puppy is guaranteed to be virus-free for two business days from the date the puppy is received. Parasites are a common problem in animals, especially young animals, and are easily treated; therefore these are excluded from this guarantee. A visit with your own vet within two business days is required, including a fecal exam, to confirm the health of your new puppy, and establish a relationship with him/her and your new puppy right from the start. (If any parasites are found, treatment is the purchaser's responsibility.)  

This dog has a guarantee that the hips will not receive a grade of moderate or severe for Hip Dysplasia at 24 months of age from the OFA, and that his/her eyes will pass a CERF test at 12 months of age, or we will apply the full purchase price of your puppy toward the price of a replacement puppy of your choice, from a future Northern Lakes Labradors' litter. (Replacement puppy will be provided when available, or should you choose to wait, must be received within 12 months of returning the dog to us.) If the replacement puppy has a higher adoption fee, you will be responsible for the difference. If a replacement puppy has a lower adoption fee, no refund will be given. OFA Certification must be completed before 25 months of age. CERF Test must be obtained by 13 months of age. NO REFUND WILL EVER BE GIVEN.  Replacement puppies will be considered "as is" and will not be guaranteed.  (i.e. only one replacement puppy will be provided.)

To qualify for a replacement puppy, all of the following conditions must be met:

  •  The dog has been registered with the AKC and has been micro-chipped within 10 days of purchase.  We can provide this chip for an additional $55, or you may have it done at your own vet's office and send us a copy of the dated receipt for the microchip implantation and microchip number. 

  • You received a statement from the OFA, stating that your dog received a grade of moderate to severe for Hip Dysplasia. Or from CERF stating the presence of Retinal Dysplasia or Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

  •  The dog has never been bred, even if puppies were not produced or were not registered if produced.

  •  The dog and AKC papers are returned to us. If you choose to keep your dog, he/she must be spayed or neutered, and original AKC papers must first be returned to us. A signed statement from the vet with the date the spay/neuter was performed.

  • There must be no signs of injury, abuse, neglect, the dog is not overweight, underweight, and has not been used in agility, running, jumping, or over-exercised during their growth period of 24 months.  Any signs of the above will void this guarantee.

  • The dog must not be spayed/ neutered before 12 months of age.  Doing so can decrease bone health and cause future problems.

All Puppies are sold as pet quality only; no guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, markings, or hunting or breeding abilities.

We will also not guarantee undescended testicles, dewclaws that grew back or micro-chips that have "traveled", or any other non-genetic situation/disorder.

If you choose to upgrade from Limited AKC papers (Pet only) to FULL AKC papers for breeding or show, you will void all guarantees, except that your puppy will be free of any virus for 48 hours from the time of adoption.

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